Glass Gazebos - Enjoy Your Garden In All Seasons

Glass Gazebos - Enjoy Your Garden In All Seasons

Glass Gazebos - Enjoy Your Garden In All Seasons

Glass gazebos pergola system allows to enjoy outdoors, restaurants and hotels all year round

Thanks to the pergola’s motorized slats, heat can be kept inside in winter time and by opening slats air can come inside. Thanks to the pergola’s rain and wind sensors, pergola closes protecting the inside as harsh weather conditions are detected.



Temperature can be controlled in a natural way thanks to oriented motorized slats (45º, 90º and 135º), that allow the air to come in during summer time as they are opened, and retaining the heat during winter time once they remain closed.

Sun protection

You can adjust aluminum slats orientation and allow ventilation at the same time as you achieve a complete protection against sun radiation.

Rain protection

Specially designed roof aluminum slats collect water and using a pipeline system take collected water through lateral columns to the outside, avoiding the possibility of water entering the inside of the pergola.


Sizes and dimensions


On 4 columns

Duplex on 4 columns 


Maximum width

4 000 mm

6 500 mm


Maximum length

 6 450 mm

6 450 mm


Maximum height

3 000 mm

3 000 mm


Available colours




White-aluminium, RAL 9006


Anthracite gray


Options - sensors

With pergolaintelligent automation, you will obtain a maximum comfort thanks to the sensor which will protect you automatically from harsh weather conditions. 

Automation switchboard can control the motor via radio (control remote or push bottom) to regulate slat opening depending on the weather conditions. 

  • Rain sensor for automatic closing. 
  • Wind sensor for automatic opening due to the wind.


Options - galzing

Sliding and folding glass systems without vertical profiles offer limitless exterior view.




Options - lightning

Pergola enlightment is available in 4 different types. 

  • Fixed LEDs 
  • LED lines 
  • Perimeter LEDs 
  • Beam lights 

Enlightment package can be programmed to turn on and off at determined time. Also, the intensity can be controlled through the same remote control used for pergola slats or other remote device.


Options - sound

Sound integrated system allow you to listen to your favorite music with a direct radio access, USB adaptor and Bluetooth. Speakers can be provided in white or black color.


Options - heaters

Pergola can be combined with infrared heater, so you can enjoy a pleasant temperature even on very cold winter days. Heater can be controlled using the same remote control as you use for slat opening.



We purchased the gazebo in the spring and it was delivered to us on time. The assembly team came to our home exactly on time and assembled the gazebo quickly and perfectly. Absolutely no problems. Everything went smoothly. We are now enjoying our gazebo almost every day. We consider it one of the best investments we have ever made in our home. Thank you guys!

The gazebo is everything we wanted from a garden space and it's taken us years of searching. It's been open for alfresco lunches in warm sunshine, closed for cosy evenings in with friends and snug in the wind and rain. It's so versatile we've used it every day and enjoyed feeling like we're in our garden not shut away in a box. It's perfect and has a real 'wow' factor. The company have been efficient and flexible.

We had been looking for a summer house for our garden for several years and had never really seen anything that we liked. When we attended the design show in London earlier in 2018 we saw "Glass Gazebos" and this was the first time we had seen something that we wanted. It feels like sitting in the countryside and away from everything else. Thanks to the team at Glass Gazebos. We are very pleased with the new addition to our garden.

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